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Present Help Housing

 Present Help Housing LLC was established by  Gilbert & Lois Gordon. Gilbert, a former school teacher and Lois a Registered Nurse, always had a passion to help others. They both are  particularly drawn to those who are hurting physically and emotionally and those who are experiencing damaging effects as a result of homelessness.


Gilbert & Lois Lois believes that providing a safe, clean and affordable home is one step to the stability that a disadvantaged person needs to relaunch their lives, rebuild hope, restore confidence and renew dreams.


When they discovered the high incidence of homelessness in the Central Florida area, they felt compelled to do something about it. They value the importance of having a safe place to relax and call home. Hence, they are committed to help others fulfill the basic human need of shelter and help to restore lost dignity and missed opportunities.

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Gilbert & Lois

Present Help Housing LLC is a program that creates pathways out of homelessness, by providing a clean and safe living environment for independnt adults in transition from being homeless or those who have fallen on economic hard times. We know that housing insecurity causes physical, mental, and emotional difficulties for the most vulnerable people in the community.

We believe by providing some basic necessities, our residents will be able to REBUILD Hope, RESTORE confidence and RENEW dreams. Our goal is to take our residents from homelessness to hopefulness and ensure everyone has a place to call home.


We provide a furnished home with common recreational, kitchen and dining areas, shared rooms, kitchen appliances and utensils, washer and dryer, all utilities included – water, electricity, cable, internet and phone. Each resident recieve a welcome package that includes personal care items and some household supplies .  Each room comes with a twin bed, bedding, and bath towels.


We accept residents through referals  from Hospitals, Mental Health facilities, Social Service Programs, families and other types of referal source.  Residents are screened and assesed before acceptance into Present Help Housing homes. Currently, we are accepting male residents. 


Fill out the contact info or call Gilbert Gordon @  352 989-6913 for additional info.




Furnished Home

Utilities Included

Appliances & Utensils 

Internet & Phone


We accept donations and gifts such as; gently used household items & furniture. Twin beds and mattresses, tables, chairs, couches, TV, Microwave, coffee maker. etc. Please click the donate button and submit the information on the contact form.


 We retain  the right to reject any item that does not meet our standards Thank you